WF boy, 11, develops language program

WF boy, 11, develops language program

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Josiah Massey, 11, developed a language computer program for kids his age that makes learning fun.

“[It explains] some of the origins of language and basically how it has evolved through time," Jossiah said. “The cavemen just grunts and makes noises.”

Josiah used a children’s STEM program called Scratch to create it. The user is guided by a character who teaches them about linguistics. The user has to interact with the character by typing up responses.

“My mom helps me editing the program but other than that I kind of got a handle on it myself," Josiah said. "I’ve learned a lot from the staff at Dexter Learning [a Wichita Falls STEM business].”

“With my editing background that’s how I was able to bless his life too," Jessica Massey, his mother said.

Massey said she loves how the program is helping him in other ways than programming and linguistics.

“What he’s doing is assimilating what he’s learned around him not only with computers but with history," Massey said. "He’s promoting it, showing it using computer language and illustrations on the computer.”

Josiah is home schooled so his mother said he is able to work alongside students his age.

“What’s really cool is coming [to Dexter Learning] and seeing him surrounded by older people and he’s mentoring them," Massey said.

You can explore the world of language by going to Josiah’s website.

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