Roller coaster weather impacting farmers across Texoma

Roller coaster weather impacting farmers across Texoma

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - The roller coaster weather is taking a toll on farmers across Texoma.

It’s an issue we’ve been following since this summer when they had to deal with the drought. Right now, Kenneth McAlister, a Wichita County farmer and rancher, said he’s in the process of growing wheat and the sudden sharp drop in temperatures is not helping.

“It looks like the next three days it’s going to be cloudy and when we got that, your plants are not soaking up the energy [they] need to grow,” said McAlister.

He said all the rain and recent cold temperatures are slowing down the process of getting the winter wheat crop in and even any remaining cotton. Most of which was lost during the dry summer.

This goes for anyone that has any kind of late fall crops like corn, said McAlister. Which he doesn’t believe there is much out their because of the way the drought fell in place.

McAlister said the drastic weather change is also affecting his cattle.

“You know when you got these temperature swings from cold to hot, to cold to hot you have more chances of cattle problems with pneumonia and respiratory issues just like us humans,” said McAlister.

However, even with the rain there is a bit of a rainbow in all of this for farmers and ranchers.

“The good [thing] is the fact that we’re having less bug issues as far as army worms,” said McAlister.

He said their next concern will be the possibility of green bugs.

“We’ve got a lot of challenges ahead of us the next few weeks depending on what Mother Nature gives us,” said McAlister.

He said if we get some snow this year it would help keep the subsoil moisture in, Texoma has the potential to grow some really nice spring crops.

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