Mother reacts to son’s scary crash

Mother reacts to son’s scary crash

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls mother told Newschannel Six on Wednesday that she was still taken back by her son’s bicycle crash the night before.

“I freaked out a little bit," Traci Roberts said. "I’m always concerned. I know he’s a very safe cyclist.”

Wichita Falls Police said Robert’s son, Gaelen Mills,31, was riding his bike southbound on Sheppard Access Rd. and so were a group of motorcyclists. Officers said it is unclear what led up to the crash between Mills' bicycle and one motorcycle.

Roberts said the crash was so powerful it knocked her son’s shoes and socks off. Mills needed surgery to repair his broken leg, suffered internal injuries and a spinal injury.

“I wasn’t expecting that extreme amount of injuries,” Mills said. “I was just expecting ‘oh, he’s got some road rash, a sprained ankle and we could go home.’ I was not expecting a laundry list of injuries. I was very, very thankful that he does put safety first when he goes out to ride and he’s probably alive because he was wearing his helmet."

Mills is a member of Bike Friendly Action Team which formed last week. Its goal is to make Wichita Falls safer for cyclists and help to prevent something like this from happening.

“We have Hotter’N Hell here we have one of the largest bike races in the United States in our backyard," Mills said. "For us to not be a bike friendly city, is a little confusing to me.”

Roberts said her son will be evaluated through the weekend.

The driver of the motorcycle was also rushed to United Regional Tuesday night. Hospital officials said he is in good condition but continues to recover at the hospital.

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