Hundreds vote at Martin Luther King Center

Hundreds vote at Martin Luther King Center

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - As of 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday 266 people voted at the Martin Luther King Center and one of those voters was the owner of Tequila Mary’s, Danny Martinez.

"I'm from the east side. I was born and raised right on Woods, which is right in front of the Martin Luther King Center, so it just reminds me of home," said Martinez.

Last month Martinez hosted an event at his business to help the community on the east and north side of town to register to vote and on Tuesday he hoped those who attend his event actually voted.

“Growing up here in Wichita Falls on the east side and the north side of town {voting} is something that was never really encouraged for me to do and I know for a lot of people it’s the same so I feel it’s very important that we go out because our vote really does matter,” said Martinez.

Rose Gray was also out there voting because she said she wants to see some change and change begins with her vote.

"There's no need to sit at home and scream about change and don't get up and do our part," said Gray. "That's a privilege every American should have and use. If our kids can get up and do it in so many numbers than we should do it also."

Gray hopes those in the East side of town did their part too.

“I’m going to put it this way for the east side, if you want your healthcare and if you want your mother to not be thrown away and kicked out from where ever she is living..if you want your daughter or your son to go to college and be more than what you are today get off your butt and vote,” said Gray.

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