How to handle mental health issues during the holidays

mental health during the holidays

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) -You might find yourself with some unwelcome guests this holiday season. Stress and anxiety.

Shopping to find the right gift, decorating, and getting ready for out of town guest can be stressful especially when dealing with daily task.

Teresa Tempelmeyer, Ph., an Assistant Professor, at Midwestern State University says a few things that stressed people should do is stop striving for perfection, talk to family, and write letters.

"We do set ourselves up for lots of stress when we kind of demand perfection, its not going to be perfect,”said Templelmeyer.

She also suggests that you spend time talking to your close friends and all throughout the holiday season.

“Whatever you social system is the people that love you family those that you feel close to talk to them if your stress don’t be afraid to ask people for help,”said Tempelmeyer.

Sam Cruz says he has a method of dealing with holiday stress. “Anytime I get stressed think about Christmas is for Christ. When you think about that it kind melts away, its all just stuff,”said Sam Cruz.

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