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Governor Perry Invests in the Falls

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Natura World, a Canadian mattress and bedding production company, will be opening its new US headquarters just off of I-44 in Wichita Falls in the old Delphi plant.  Natura World has plans in place to start production at the 478,000 square foot building

Texas governor Rick Perry was in Wichita Falls today promoting the new business, saying it was a combination of factors that enticed Natura to come to texas.  At MSU's Dillard College, he said there are four things that make Texas a worthwhile place to build a business: a balanced budget, a fair tax regulatory system, a lack of frivolous lawsuits, and a skilled workforce.

"This company did not come to Wichita Falls, Texas if there was any question about any of those four," he said.

He spoke of the accomplishments of the Texas Enterprise Fund, or TEF, which the state legislature passed at his request.  In the last 6 years, the TEF has created 52,000  jobs in Texas.  The TEF invested $1.5 million with Natura, which added to the city's $10 million incentive.  In order to receive TEF funding, a company has to show they will make a good return on the state's money.  Governor Perry thinks Natura will do just that.

"The return on the investment for the state is going to be great.  The return on the investment of these communities that are actively engaged here is going to be great," he said.

TEF businesses also need to have community support.  According to Tim Chase, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Wichita Falls has taken the challenge of bringing new jobs head-on.

"I just can't tell you guys how much having a city that says, 'We can figure out how to make that happen,' instead of, 'Gee, we can't do that,'" Chase said.

Governor Perry said this morning that thousands of companies have applied for funds from the TEF, and Natura was one of the relatively few who  actually received money.  The Governor says that Texas is a promised land, of sorts, for businesses.

 "We are at the top of everyone's list when it comes to places to either expand or relocate," he said.

Perry specifically credited civic leaders, the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, and the TEF for bringing Natura to Wichita Falls.   Natura's executive vice president Scott Miller says the city's goals for growth and jobs go along with those of Natura's.

"We're excited about bringing opportunity here to Wichita Falls.  This will help us to continue on the growth efforts we've been having," Miller said.

Wichita Falls Mayor Lanham Lyne credited surrounding towns and areas for pitching in, specifically noting that Burkburnett also invested $600,000 with Natura.

"We're in this together.  We're north Texas.  We're here.  We're in this together," Lyne said.

Governor Perry said that when the matress and bedding company starts production, he'll be excited to see the 'Made in Texas' tags on all of the merchandise.

Natura also heads to north Texas with two recently-purchaced companies -- NexGel and Gel Solutions, which makes the gel components used in the pillows and bedding.  Wichita Falls will be Gel Solutions' world headquarters.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6.