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Love Triangle Motive Behind Murder for Hire

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Police say David Everett Stevens wanted his wife's boyfriend dead.  And they say that prompted him to seek out a hit man to kill the person he claimed was stealing his wife's affections.

He is charged with the offense of criminal solicitation/murder, and if not for a cooperating witness, Stevens may have succeeded in killing the man he says was sleeping with his wife.

Police say Stevens, the owner and operator of Metro Photo and Design, hired a hit man to murder his wife's boyfriend.

And he had it all planned out:

The hit man was to fake a broken down car and try and hitch a ride from the alleged boyfriend. According to the affidavit, Stevens wanted the hit man to then drive the victim out into the country and carry out the kill.  It's a move Stevens says would mean the body wouldn't be found for months.

"And it happened really quickly," adds Sgt. Joe Snyder of the Wichita Falls Police Department.  "Sometimes these types of cases take days or weeks and that sort of leaves the victim out there at risk.  So for them to clear this up in just 24 hours is a really good amount of work."

The kill never made it past its planning stage.  Someone who had inside plot details contacted police.  That person agreed to wear a hidden microphone.  The insider met Stevens and their whole conversation was recorded.

"They were able to work through the case," explains Sgt. Snyder.  "The cooperating individual made the money transfer and he took the money while officers were on the seen.  Undercover officers were in place.

after Stevens thought the hit had been carried out, he again met the insider, but this time at Love's Truck Stop on Central Freeway.  Police say when Stevens handed over the money for the hit -- a total of $1,800 -- officers moved in.

Police handcuffed Stevens and took him into custody, where he remains tonight - on a $2.5 million bond.

Criminal solicitation murder is a second degree felony; if convicted, Stevens faces up to 20 years in prison.

Police are not releasing names of his wife of her boyfriend to protect their security.  

Stevens also carries a charge of theft by check from Wilbarger County.  Sgt. Snyder would not rule out additional charges on the way as well.



Probable Cause Affidavit for suspect's arrest

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