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Family Outraged and Sad over Loss

The family of Simon David Gonzales speaks out. They're furious the alleged murderer is walking the streets after being released on a $25,000 bond. 

It was a phone call the Gonzales family wasn't expecting, "we were asleep at home when I heard about my son," Antonio H. Gonzales said.

His son Simon David Gonzales was shot and killed on Saturday, a tragedy the family is trying to cope with, "to say how you feel, there's no words for it," said brother-in-law David Campa.

The family says Simon David was the kind of guy who would do anything for his family, "he was a loving caring person and would be willing to do anything and everything for someone he loved," Campa said.

The family says they knew about the affair he had with Samantha Acheson the accused killer's wife.  They said they could only voice their opinions so far, he was a grown man. 

Police found him at the Fina gas station on Scott street, where blood still remains.

The family is furious with authorities, for releasing Acheson, 16 hours after the incident.  They say he's a murder who should be behind bars, along with his wife.

"With a $25,000 bond, you can kill any person.  That's what I see from the judge," the victims father, Antonio Gonzales, said.

He also says they're not going to give up, "I'm going to fight for justice."

The family is currently making funeral arrangement for Simon David Gonzales.

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