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Hurricane Katrina, Five Years Later


Five years later and we are taking a unique look on what happened during those first few days after Hurricane Katrina. Photojournalists captured the disaster, the photos becoming the first indication Katrina wasn't just a bad storm, but a disaster. Betty Nguyen has more. More>>

Texomans To Be Recognized At 4th Annual James Lane Legacy Dinner


The fourth annual James Lane Legacy Dinner and auction.  Its presented by the Mavericks and the Boy's and Girls clubs Alumni Association of Wichita Falls. More>>

Racer's Reunion Roars At Texoma Motor Speedway


Sunday at Texoma Motor Speedway, racers gathered for the Racer's Reunion. James Skinner, the promoter for the event says, "It's kind of low key and it's geared more towards racers, and people that are More>>

Defining The Standard Of First Aid


It's a product used in major events like the Olympics and Super Bowl along with most professional sports leagues.

Not to mention, it's a must-have for most American Red Cross branches and even the Government.

It's called PICKPAK and the company that makes it is headquartered right here in Wichita Falls.

As Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers found out, it's defining the standard of first aid.

Mexico President Heads To The White House


The white house is getting ready for a visit this week from the president of Mexico. More>>

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