Weather Myths

Here are a few common myths to keep in mind when severe weather approaches.

Windows:  Stay away from windows!  It was once thought that differences in pressure caused homes to explode when a tornado was near.  Now its clear that 200 mile an hour winds, laden with boards, trees and your neighbors furniture is what destroys homes.  The windows are the easiest point of entry for these objects.  Anyone close to a window will be injured or killed by debris blowing through it.  That's why the best shelter from a tornado is one without windows.

Highway Overpasses:  Overpasses are not tornado shelters.  People died in Wichita Falls in April of 1979, and 20 years later in Oklahoma City after seeking shelter in highway overpasses.  The design of overpasses can cause tornadic winds to accelerate.  Nearby abandoned vehicles could actually be blown into the structure.

Weather Sirens:  Many people complain that they cannot hear the tornado sirens in their home or office, but you're not supposed to!  Tornado sirens are sounded to warn people who are outdoors like children at recess, construction workers, builders, the local car wash.  When the sirens wail, people outdoors know to get to a shelter at once.  Sirens are sounded when sustained winds are over 58 mph or spotters confirm a rotating wall cloud or a tornado.  They are not meant to wake you up in the night or signal you when you're doing the dishes after dinner.  That is why you should invest in a weather radio for your home or place of business.