Where Do I Go in Case of Severe Weather?

If you find yourself in the path of a tornado, the most important decision you can make is where to take shelter.  The best option is underground, or in a basement or storm cellar.  A plan of action is a must, especially if you live in a manufactured home or mobile home.  Unanchored mobile homes can be overturned by 70 mile an hour winds.  Two hundred mile per hour winds will surely destroy the most well-built manufactured home.

You need to know where the closest tornado shelter is so that you can take cover quickly.  Violent tornadoes can turn foundation homes to rubble.  Studies have shown that most tornadoes are survivable if you go to an interior closet, bathroom or hallway.  Cover yourself with thick blankets, mattresses, or clothing.  Don't take cover in rooms with windows.  Remember: the smaller the room the better the protection.  If you're in a public place like a theatre or a grocery store,the management will tell you where to go.

When a tornado is approaching the worst place you can be is in a vehicle.  Tornadoes can pick up cars and trucks like toys, and debris can easily fly through your windows.  Trying to outrun a tornado in your car is a bad idea.  Tornadoes don't have to obey traffic laws, they don't have to turn around because of downed trees or utility poles.  They don't have to worry about other drivers in "panic mode".  Get out of your car and go to the nearest sturdy building or lie down in a ditch.