Why Do We Have More Severe Weather in the Spring?

In the Spring in Texoma, warm clear days, can turn stormy and violent in a matter of hours. Sunshine can be replaced by thunder and lightning, hail, high wind, or tornadoes.

Why is March through June such a turbulent time in Texoma? Thunderstorms can occur anytime of year, but the frequency of severe thunderstorms is highest in the spring.  Warm, moist air streams into our area from the gulf. Hot, dry air comes in from Mexico. These air masses collide and air is forced to rise. At this time of year winter doesn't want to give up it's grip. So, cold, polar air still rushes through the central plains. It is channeled by the Rockies and heads straight toward Texoma.

All of these air masses clash violently. The cold air above the earth's surface adds fuel to a very unstable atmosphere. Air rushes up from the surface and creates towering, angry thunderstorms. The faster the air goes up, the more dangerous these storms become. As we transition into summer, we no longer have cold intrusions from our north. Air masses are more balanced. Temperatures are very warm and it is harder for hail to form. Thunderstorms are not as powerful.