Newschannel 6 Exclusive: Deadly Recalls

Two million baby products recalled in just two weeks, and in some cases, the results are deadly. We are guiding you through the best safety measures you can take to keep your children out of harm's way, in this Newschannel 6 Exclusive.

Lisa and Landon Taylor's son died 18 months ago. But it wasn't until just last month the government took action on Emry's death. Finally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on the drop-side crib that killed him.

"No other parent would have to go through what we went through. You know that means a lot but you know my son's still gone and that still hurts." said Lisa Taylor.

It's stories like the Taylor's that can make being a parent even more stressful. In recent weeks, more than 2 million baby products have been pulled because they could harm children. So how can you know you're doing everything you can to keep your child safe?

Right now the government is considering banning all drop-side cribs, but the reality is those products are still out there, and they're dangerous.

StorkLand & Kids Too Executive Director Of Operations, Anne McGaha is a mom, so she knows how hard it can be to find safe products. McGaha says the main concern with the drop side is the crib not being put together in correctly. The moving pieces are a hazard. So instead the whole standard has moved to a stationary sided crib or drop gate crib industry-wide.

McGaha says when buying products for the baby store, she starts with making sure she shops with manufactures that are JPMA certified.  All named products under JPMA undergo thorough and rigorous testing.

"That doesn't mean a recall doesn't happen, but when it does it is almost always a voluntarily recall and not a federally mandated recall. " said McGaha.

For Landon and Lisa Taylor, they want the Federal Government to take more steps, to prevent another tragedy like theirs.

"My son didn't die in vain and he can save other people's lives, after his life's over." said Lisa Taylor.