Newschannel 6 Eye On Health: Salt, Snacking And Psychosis

In our Eye On Health this evening, we start off by telling you that holding the salt might be a physically and fiscally healthy decision for you.

Researchers found a voluntary effort by the food industry to reduce salt intake by as little as 10% could prevent nearly 500 thousand attacks and save the U.S. government $32 billion in healthcare costs.

Eating too much salt is a major cause of high blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

But salt or no salt - American kids are snacking more and more these days and they're packing on pounds because of it.

A new study finds children snack an average of three times a day -- that's on top of three meals they eat.

All those sweet and salty treats account for nearly 170 additional calories every day.

Experts say the findings may help explain why childhood obesity rates have risen more than 16 percent.

And a new study about marijuana finds that the longer people use it, the more likely their mental health will suffer.

A study of more than 3,000 young adults found those who used the drug for six or more years were twice as likely to develop a psychosis like schizophrenia or have delusional disorders.

Researchers say the findings suggest marijuana use isn't as harmless as some people may think.