Grass Fire Torches Parts Of Bellevue

Skywarn 6 has warned you about the potential fire hazards emanating from warm temperatures and dry air.

This week much of Texoma has been under a Red Flag Warning, and today we learned again why that matters - a small welding spark ignited a grass fire that blazed around the Jack and Clay County lines.

It happened around 4pm this afternoon on Feed Road in Bellevue just a few miles east of Route 148.

Firefighters say a welder started to emit many sparks and ignited a grass fire that spread around more than a hundred yards.

The dry elements on the ground enabled the flames to quickly ignite more territory in its tracks, including a pickup truck.

Henrietta, Vashti, Clay and Jack County Fire Departments all contributed units and firefighters to tame the blaze.

No injuries have been reported.