New Information: Another Home Burns in Bellevue

In 2009 the small town of Bellevue saw seven houses in their community burn down, all arson related.

Firefighters say the home which burned Monday, April 5 was unoccupied. Bellevue firefighters told Newschannel6 on Friday, April 8 that they are ruling the blaze as a fire. This is the eighth arson related fire the town has seen in the span of a year.

Larry Ratliff and his sister Sheree live just a few houses down from the home which caught fire.

"It brought me back to memories when we lost a lot of houses around here," Larry Ratliff said, "It was roaring. You know the wind was probably 30, 25, 30 miles an hour."

It took firefighters eight units and one hour to tame it down and now suspicions of an arsonist at work again is sparking interest in the community.

"Everyone of them has been the same, same scenario, just like someone just set down and started the fire in the middle of the room," Sheree Ratliff said.

There is only a small structure left on the house, and just like a majority of the other house fires the house was unoccupied leaving residents wondering if those houses people are living in, are next.

"It just doesn't make me feel very at home.  I fear for my family and my mom," Sheree said.

Charred wood and ashes, a scene familiar to residents, now fill the place of another home burned, if an arsonist is at work Sheree has some words for them.

"Leave us alone, do not burn more of our town."

Firefighter Mark Hanson says he would like community members to sign up for the neighborhood watch group.

The loss value of the home is unknown.  We will continue to update you as this investigation continues.