Newschannel 6 Exclusive: Graham Boy Speaks About Freak Accident

A Texoma boy is recovering tonight from a pole vaulting accident.

When the teen was warming up for a track meet, he missed the mat and smashed his head into the ground.

He fractured his skull in two places.

Thirteen-year-old Clark Miracle is a truly gifted athlete - almost six feet tall, a talented and fast football, baseball and track star at Graham Junior High.

Just minutes before his pole vault run in the district track meet this past weekend, Clark grabbed his pole and jogged his way down the track for a practice run.

He wasn't planning to jump so he didn't put on his helmet, but his pole caught on an edge, throwing him upside down and he landed on the back of his head.

Clark doesn't remember much of the pain from the fall, but he does remember the outpouring of relief and comfort when he first opened his eyes.

Clark suffered two skull fractures and two points of bleeding in his brain.  After initial treatment at Brownwood Hospital, he was transferred by ambulance to cook's children's hospital in Dallas.

Clark has been home recuperating since Tuesday.

Tonight on Newschannel 6 News At 10, you will hear more from this remarkable and driven young man, who will share with us what he's learned from this experience - and a message he has for his friends and teammates.