A Hastings Hero: 19-Year-Old Shares His Story

In times of tragedy, like the Shooting Rampage in the Falls, there's often a time for heroism.  Although the victims at Hastings suffered non-life-threatening injuries, they had help before first responders arrived at the scene.

We know ambulances and paramedics arrived in minutes as phone calls started pouring into 911 dispatchers. We have the story of a 19-year-old inside Hastings who acted on his heroic impulses.  Trent Sharp put his personal safety on the line to help the victims that tragic Tuesday night.

It's not uncommon for Trent Sharp to get coffee at Hastings.  That's exactly what he was doing when he heard a man yell something and fire a gun.

"As soon as he shot that second shot, I automatically turned into run mode.  I bolted for the magazine rack and took a right and headed to the back, and automatically pulled out my phone and called 911," he said.

But calling police wasn't the only quick action he took.  Trent knew he had to do more.

"I wasn't sure if he was still there or not.  I just know that those people needed help up front, and I went up there to help 'em."

As an EMT in training, Trent had what he needed nearby.

"I automatically run out the door, out to my truck, get my bag, run back in, and start trying to treat the people that were in there," he said.

The young student who works at a gardening shop is no doubt modest about his actions.  He wouldn't call himself a hero, although his mom, and likely countless others, would disagree.

"I would say anybody with that type of training, I would like to say that they would do the same thing.  I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm a hero, because I'm not.  I'd love to say that anybody would do that," he said.

Trent says other people helped him, too.  He grabbed bandages and threw them to other people in the store, telling them to apply pressure to the victim's wounds.  After everything calmed down a bit, a firefighter helped Trent get cleaned up, and told him he did a good job.

Trent sharp is finishing his intermediate class in paramedic training this semester at the Wichita Falls campus of Vernon College.  He has clinicals this summer and ultimately hopes to work as a paramedic for a big city fire department.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6.