Parents Helping Children Deal With the Aftermath Of Mass Shooting

The emotional effects from a tragedy like the shooting rampage are hard enough to deal with as adults but it's even harder for children who don't understand why these types of things happen.

Brandy Morgan is the mother of three children. She said she immediately spoke to her kids about Tuesday Night's mass shooting.

"If they see somebody with a gun whether it's a fake gun or a real gun. We should take it serious, and should take precaution and hide to protect themselves and others," said Morgan

Allan Ballard a Licensed Social Worker said those are normal feelings a child should feel. Ballard said parents shouldn't tell their children how to feel.

"If you can do anything that causes them to see they have an ability to control their responses to the world then their going to be in much better position to be emotionally healthy and not be scarred by the things going on around them." said Ballard

He said you should teach your child to distinguish the difference on how they feel and how they think.

"They'll be able to clue you in a whole lot better about what's going on inside most of the time if you have a child truly respond to what it is that they think," said Ballard

He said healing takes time but there are things you can do to help.

"Get back to what is normal in his life.  talk about what happen in school today even if it wasn't exciting. Talk about what they've been chatting with their friends about, that's not related to this incident," said Ballard

Ballard said a child is willing to talk if you ask what is bothering them. But a teenager will act like nothing is wrong.he stressed parents should keep trying to talk to their teens to help them open up.