Update On The Shooting Rampage In The Falls

New details are surfacing in the investigation into the Shooting Rampage in the Falls.
Police tell us that the gunman's body is in Tarrant County undergoing an autopsy, 22-year-old Ross Muehlberger killed himself after opening fire at Hastings and Toby's.

Four women were shot at Hastings and survived the only person shot at Toby's was killed.
Police say Muehlberger used a shot-gun in the mass shootings, but used a handgun to kill himself.

So far officers say neither of the weapons were stolen, but they are still trying to figure out how Muehlberger accessed them.
Police are also in the process of interviewing witnesses, if you were at either location the night of the shootings and have not been interviewed please call the Wichita Falls Police Department.