Newschannel 6 Exclusive: Clay County Boy Shares Story About Sunday Shooting

Tonight we are digging for more answers about a home invasion attack in Clay County.

A family in Dean, Texas, says an armed gunman burst into their home, shot their 12-year-old boy -- and then ran away.

Law enforcement agencies from across Texoma searched with bloodhounds and helicopters -- but could not find a trace of the man the family says is behind the attack.

Although the sheriff's office says it is still investigating, there did not appear to be an active search in the area today.  That's what we found out when we went to the family's home.

Young Brandon Lovorn - just 12 years old - says he has the battle scar to prove he was shot - and he said it happened so quickly.

One minute he's getting ready for baseball practice, and moments later he loses feeling in his leg, and is dripping with blood.

The sheriff's department has not found any new clues, but they do have Brandon's account of what happened

"It probably took a minute tops for it all to happen," Brandon says.  "He walked in, I walked out of my room.  He grabbed me, shot me at the door."

He can barely sit down and he can hardly walk around - and still a day after traumatic encounter with a mysterious gunman, Brandon is still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

"I walked into my room cause we were going to go practice our batting at The Plex," recalls Brandon.  "My bat was already in my room so I walked into my room and I got my bat. And in the time I'm walking out, a big black man, he was walking in - he had a pistol in his hand, and orange bandana covering his mouth and nose.  All I could see was his eyes."

The gunman shot Brandon by his left hip, and the bullet came out his backside.  It missed his pelvis by less than an inch.

"I was sprawled out on the floor here and I took my shirt off to lay my head on it.  And then I popped my feet up here."

Brandon says the pain still keeps him up at night, but he rests well knowing he survived this frightening mother's day with his mom by his side.

"She was right there talking to me.  I thought I was going to die and I was sitting there trying to bear the pain.  I just thank her a lot for being there for me."

Brandon will miss the next week home from school recuperating from his injury.

I was able to reach Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons and he said although there were no search crews on the scene today, his staff is following a number of leads.

Although there doesn't appear to be an active search for an armed suspect, the sheriff's department does want to release the suspect's description as they continue their investigation.

Brandon says the suspect is a heavy set black male, and he says he was wearing an orange bandana and had on a camouflage jacket.