Newschannel 6 Exclusive: Family Speculates Motive Behind Home Invasion

We are digging for answers about a motive in the home invasion and shooting in Clay County in which a 12 year-old boy was shot and injured.

You heard our exclusive with that child, and today we returned to meet with the family to learn several new developments about what they say is the motive behind the crime.

The family tells us they actually know the teenager who turned himself in last night.

The Clay County Sheriff's Department arrested 17 year-old Jimmy Leon Morrison. The family says Morrison went to the same high school as their oldest son.

Morrison did not, however, pull the trigger on young Brandon Lovorn.

The sheriff's department does believe he is involved with the shooter.  And Brandon and his family told us in an exclusive interview why they may have been targeted.

With the gunman still at large, though, other members of the family chose not to appear on camera.

Brandon's mother, Traci Parrish, was also at the home when her son was shot.  She worked at Kiowa Casino as a professional poker dealer until the casino closed its poker room. She says she built a room at home for her dealer friends to play recreationally and legally - and she thinks that has something to do with the crime.

In a small town like Dean, Texas, she says, rumors may have transformed a fun game between friends to big business, and supposed wads of cash sitting in the house.

And that's what the gunman might have been looking for.

"He came in through the backdoor, and once he saw me with a baseball bat his eyes got really, really big," Brandon says.  "I don't know if I startled him or something with the baseball bat.  He jogged over at me and he grabbed me, kind of looked around for a second.  He shot me, then ran out the door. And when he shot me I started screaming and my mom came from the kitchen really fast and saw the back of him."

We spoke with Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons just a short time ago and he confirmed that burglary was the motive behind the attack - however, he said he won't not comment on Traci Parrish's theory until the rest of the investigation unfolds.

Again, Sheriff Lemons says a man believed to be connected to the shooting - 17-year-old Jimmy Leon Morrison of Wichita Falls turned himself in today after deputies issued a warrant for his arrest.

He faces one count of burglary of a habitation.

Deputies are still looking for the gunman.

Jonah Kaplan, Newschannel 6