President Obama Addresses The Nation On Oil Spill

President Barack Obama is getting set to go head to head with the top leaders of B.P. He demands the company compensate all the folks in and along the gulf that are suffering financially because of the disaster.

In his first oval office address, the President pledged to fight the spill with every resource available for as long as it takes.

He defended his administration's response and also used the speech to push a clean energy policy.

The prime time speech is part of a White House effort to restore public confidence in the president's response.

In a new poll, 52 percent of American's don't agree with how President Obama is handling the situation in the gulf.

Also in his speech Tuesday night, Obama harshly criticized the government oversight of the drilling industry

He said that he has tapped inspector General Michael Bromwich to head the Minerals Management Service.

Obama said the bureau will become the industry's "watchdog, not its partner."