Scouts Continue to Celebrate 100 Year Anniversary

Since 1910 the Boy Scouts of America has paved the way for young boys to grow into men.  100 years later the organization is celebrating its centennial with activities spread throughout the year.

As a way to say thanks, Castaway Cove offered Boy Scout families a discounted admission this weekend, and they certainly enjoyed their time there.

"I went underwater and guess what?" asked Cub Scout Kody Sells, "I touched the ground on the bottom."

For adults Sunday was a day to recognize the Boys Scouts and all of its accomplishments.
"Our basic thrust for the 100th anniversary, that's what we're really touting, is the values of the program," said Larry Petrash of the Northwest Texas Council.

It's a legacy of character building, and instilling in children the core values of what it stands for:   Trust, obedience, loyalty, and leadership, values that will lead them to success later on in life.

"Everything in life is about your choices and about your priorities and scouts choose to do the things that they do because it's an area of interest," said Petrash.

For the boys there are an abundance of different activities they participate in.

"You learn pitching, camping, learn how to swim and flag signals, you can learn archery," said Boy Scout William Moore.

Cub Scout Nathen Moore adds on to the list, "You learn craftsman, social science, and a lot of other things."

Often times the adults who lead the scouts watch them grow into men who choose their occupation based on what they enjoyed as a scout.

"So many times scouts learn something by doing a merit badge then it becomes an occupation for them later on in life," said Petrash.

For Cub Scout Kody Sells it seems he already knows.

"When I grow up I'm going to be like my grandpa so I'll do a lot of stuff and fix stuff to whoever needs me."

More than 2,000 youth are involved in the Northwest Texas Council that serves 12 nearby counties.

They have other activities planned for their 100 year anniversary.  On July 21 they can come out and skate at Skate World all day for just a dollar.

On August 3 they can enjoy all that The Plex has to offer from 5 to 10 o'clock.