World Cup Fever In Wichita Falls

South Africa may be a long flight from Wichita Falls but World Cup fever was alive in Texoma.

Spain and the Netherlands were in the final so one group from Sheppard Air Force Base displayed their national pride. 

Some 700 million people watched the final worldwide. A group of Dutchmen from Sheppard gathered at the home of Captain Michael Van Gaalen's house to root for their team. Despite it being the biggest soccer game in the world, Captain Van Gaalen says it didn't matter who won. He says, "We decided to have a party for the finals at our home. It's all the Dutch guys so we could celebrate, or if we don't win, it was a nice party everybody getting together."

The Dutch airmen say they had a good time despite the outcome of the game.

Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time.