New Scam Targeting Hotel Guests

There's a new scam targeting your money. Thieves are taking advantage of hotel guests. It's a scam so easy, it's scary.

The thieves call hotel rooms posing as front desk employees. They tell their victims there was a problem processing the credit card left for incidental charges. They then tell the victim they need to verify or access their credit card information.

And, scams aren't the only thing darkening travels. A recent study by SpiderLabs, of the data-security consulting company Trustwave, indicates 38 percent of credit card hacking cases involve hotels. That's more than retailers and restaurants combined.

Dru Landrum is the sales manager for Dynasystems in Wichita Falls. He was recently targeted by a similar scam on a trip to Oklahoma City. He wasn't scammed from the hotel room. But, someone called him weeks later saying they work for the hotel. Landrum was told his payment didn't go through and they needed his pin number.

Landrum didn't give it over the phone, but he became suspicious and checked his account. Thieves had racked up $3,500 in charges at a furniture store. Landrum didn't end up paying for the charges, though the incident was a big hassle. He does, however, know someone who was conned in the scam.

"It seems like it's very easy," he said, "for people to get that information, unfortunately."