We Got Caught, Raising Awareness Of Sex Offenders In North Texas

A tragic loss in one Texoma man's life has lead him to a controversial career.

He's published a magazine to raise awareness about sex offenders in our community, causing a stir with some businesses and families.

He wants to get his message out, but because it's caused some to lash out against him, we're keeping his identity anonymous.

Still, he told Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers all the fuss is worth the cause.

She shares the story of the man behind the publication 'We Got Caught'.

13 year old Tanya McWhorter and her ten year old cousin were brutally murdered July 20,1990.

The father of that ten year old girl who was killed lives in Wichita Falls and says it had been more than a year since he had seen his daughter, Karen Young.

On that summer day she was in Detroit visiting her cousin.

"Her and her cousin Tanya, they were very close. She wanted to spend some time with Tanya before leaving Florida to come visit me in Texas down here. That never happened as you know," Karen's father said.

The killer waited until Tanya's mother left for the day before he attacked.

"He asked to use the phone, my 13 year old niece opened the door and let him in to use the phone. Upon entry he assaulted her, raped her and beat her then murdered her," Karen's father said.

He slashed Tanya's throat and later told police he beat and stabbed Karen to death because she woke up from a nap.

The reason Tanya opened the door is because she knew the man. It was her 23 year old neighbor, Donald Nealy.

Nealy lived right next door to murdered victim Tanya McWhorter. Shortly after the bodies were discovered he talked with a local TV station and acted very disgusted about what happened.

He said he heard McWhorter's mother screaming when she came home from work went into her house to call 911 and saw the girls bodies.

" I ain't never seen nothing like that before in my life. Blood all on the walls they got the girl in the naked and dead," Nealy said.

Images of his daughter and niece's deaths still haunt Karen's father. So, some 20 years later, he is trying to stop future crimes by warning Texoma residents of sex offenders living in our community.

"I had a thought, something has to be done. And that's when God inspired me to make a book to let everyone know who these sex offenders are," Karen's father said.

He's developed a publication called, 'We Got Caught,'- a book of all registered sex offenders in the North Texas area.

" The man who created this crime against my daughter was a registered sex offender. We did not know, we had no way of knowing so now we stay vigilant and try to be aware of who's in our communities and around our families," he said.

Nealy's neighbors were shocked to learn a young man they knew and lived among them could do something like this.

"I stood over there talking to him the same day the two girls were found dead and he was just as shocked as everybody else. To find out he did, you never know who lives next door to you, right?" Nealy's neighbor said.

Karen's Father hopes the magazine will be an eye opener for Texomans and help keep something like that from happening here.

"Make the public aware that everybody is not to be trusted in our communities. We all have this idea that our neighbors are good neighbors. All of our neighbors are not good neighbors. At least know whose around you," he said.

The magazine breaks down registered sex offenders by zip code and shows their mug shots, names crimes and sex and age of their victims.

You can find this same information including more details about each offender online through the Texas Department of Public Safety Web site.

"All of us do not have computers or access to the Internet to access this information so we're trying to make the information available through the publication for those who can't afford Internet service," he said.

Donald Nealy was caught days after the incident in Detroit. and later convicted.

Police classified it as a sexually motivated crime.

Nealy was charged with murder first degree felony, and murder first degree pre-meditated.

Despite it's intentions, there's been some major backlash about the, 'We Got Caught,' publication.

That's why we've concealed Karen's father's identity, to protect him and his family.

"Some of the merchants around town refused to carry the publications because no one wanted to offend the sex offenders. They wanted to continue to do business with them," he said.

There are a handful of businesses that do sell the magazine.

Including the Fas Pac on Central Freeway.

The owner there said Karen's story showed her the importance of carrying, 'We Got Caught,' in her store.

She is a mother and said she wanted the information for herself as well as other parents in Texoma.

"Our goal is to inform, rehabilitate and possibly educate the community on sex offenders and what goes on in their lives.  My hope is that in the future we don't need this publication anymore. It's sad that it has come down to that we have to have a publication," Karen's father said.

As the sex offender registry is always changing, 'We Got Caught,' is updated every three months.

There are currently 500 books in circulation in North Texas.

It's $5 for a magazine and year subscriptions are available for $22.

Karen's father is working to develop another publication north of the Red River, spanning from Lawton to Ardmore and everywhere in between.

You can find the 'We Got Caught' publication at the following locations:

Scobees Mini Mart, Iowa Park

Lakeside Travel Center, Hwy 287 Iowa Park

Shell gas station Maurine St., Wichita Falls

Delightful Donuts, Sheppard Access Rd., Wichita Falls

Gidgets, 7th St, Wichita Falls

Fas Pac, Windthorst Rd., Wichita Falls

Island Tans, Fairway, Wichita Falls

Texas Donuts, Holiday

Ultra Cuts, Henrietta

Bread & Butter, Henrietta

Snappy One Stop, Burkburnett

Mike's BBQ, Vernon