Windthorst Trojans Get A New Football Field

It's the beginning of an era for Windthorst ISD. After months of construction, the district finally has a brand-new football field.

It's not football season yet, but football camp is well under way for youngsters in Windthorst. This is the first year these agile athletes get to play on 'field turf,' the same grade of artificial grass that's used in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

"It only compares to like some of the best golf greens that maybe you've played on," said Coach Bill Green. "It's really soft. It's great on your feet."

The school district broke ground on a new football field and track back in January. The project was only supposed to take 90 days, but because of snow, ice, and rain this year, the work took twice as long as planned. But the community pitched in where it could. About 70 volunteers showed up to help lay sod on the outlying ground to reduce erosion and spruce up the place. "Boys and girls were out here. All age groups. We had as young as 3rd or 4th grade all the way up to high school. We had a couple former players."

Other community helpers, and even school board members, also helped to unload 50,000 square feet of sod off five semi trucks. Football camper Landry Bieth said it felt great to lend a hand at trojan field. "It feels like I'm just part of the team and just able to help out with the team."

Along with a new track and field come added seats in the stands, a new press box, and a Trojan blue scoreboard. The school district plans to have all the other amenities completed in time for the first home game at Windthorst. "It's gonna benefit the school and kids, boys and girls programs," said Coach Green. "It's something the community has wanted, and the community deserves."

Windthorst ISD originally had a $1.2 million estimate on just the track, but later it got another bid that covered the field and the track for about the same price.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6