Conflicting PD Statements About Shooting Rampage in the Falls

"At this point,there's no reason to believe that there was any other shooter involved in that evening," said Sgt. Joe Snyder, Public Information Officer for the Wichita Falls Police Department, Thursday. But, that conflicts with a statement from police to the Attorney General's office.

Newschannel 6 has been requesting video surveillance and Ross Muehlberger's GPS device data since April 23rd. The City of Wichita Falls and the WFPD have been trying to block that request ever since. In a statement to Attorney General Greg Abbott's office, police claim "...release of the information would interfere with the detection, investigation, or prosecution of a crime..." because the department is "actively investigating other potential criminal actors in connection with this incident."

The AG ruling on the issue states the city must release the GPS information, because the city failed to respond in time, but, the video can be withheld because of the on-going investigation. But, why would the WFPD keep withholding the information?

Snyder said it was because the department does not want to jump to conclusions or "assume that [they] captured the only participant in any case." Both Snyder and Police Chief Dennis Bachman stress they are confident, however, Muehlberger acted alone. They said they are just waiting on ballistics tests to confirm that.

The city has 10 days to respond to the AG ruling or 20 days to file suit challenging it. When asked if the city or the police would release the video voluntarily, Peter Scott with the City Attorney's Office said he could not speak to that but, the office will be making a decision Friday.