Child Safe Zone Approved In Burk

Burkburnett has a new city ordinance.

At Monday's City Commissioner's meeting they approved a Child Safe Zone.

Prior to Monday, Burk was the only city in Wichita County without an ordinance limiting where registered sex offenders can live.

Some of the key points stated a child sex offender can not be within 1,000 feet of a Child Safety Zone, residents are not allowed to rent or sell property to sex offenders that is within the safety zones, and offenders are not allowed to loiter around areas where there are children.

Along with the Safe Zone, they also talked about tax incentives for the Red River Market Place and the Black Sox baseball team.

The market would cost the city about $30,000 a year and the team about $20,000.

Commissioner's did not make a decision on those incentives, they just considered them.

Also discussed, Jay Cantrell could be stepping down from his position. Commissioners talked about the issue of hiring a new city attorney. They must appoint a new attorney by August 17th.