BP And The Government Are Considering A "Static Kill"

While testing continues today on the capped well in the gulf a new plan that BP says could put an end to the more than 3 month old disaster is being considered.

The so called "static kill" method much like BP's failed "top kill" would involve pumping heavy mud and cement into the well.

National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen says, "The static discussions are ongoing right now and we'll probably have an idea in the next 24 hours what the detailed plan by BP would be to do that. The positive assertion is that with the pressure on top now, we can probably overcome the hydrocarbons that are in there and basically have the mud defeat the oil that's at the well bore which we were unable to do with top kill."

British's prime minister addressed the crisis during his meeting with President Barack Obama yesterday saying he completely understands the anger that exists in America and places full accountability on BP to take care of the mess.