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Neugebauer Joins Tea Party Caucus

The 19th District U.S. Representative for the State of Texas said the Tea Party Caucus is just another way for conservatives to address issues.

Representative Randy Neugebauer (R) said Americans are concerned with the direction our country is headed.

The Congressman said he and his conservative congressmen are trying to listen to the people and get the government back on track with fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and limited power.

Neugebauer joined the Tea Party Caucus along with a handful of other conservative congressmen. In a statement issued to Newschannel 6, Rep. Neugebauer said,

"Just like many Americans, people in the 19th District are concerned about the direction our country is headed and the growing intrusion of the federal government.  There are many ways my conservative colleagues in Congress and I are listening to the people we represent and trying to get America back on track by following the common-sense principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, empowerment and personal responsibility.  The TEA Party Caucus is just one more way for us to pool our efforts to address out-of-control borrowing and spending and the growing reach of government."

Representative Mac Thornberry (R) declined to join the Tea Party Caucus. He also released a statement to Newschannel 6 about his decision.

"Whether it's the Tea Party or other grassroots organizations, I'm very encouraged that more people are paying attention and getting involved than I've ever seen before.  And I think that's going to be the key to turning the country around. I don't think you need a caucus in Congress to know it's important to listen to the people.  And, I also think that Congress should respect the Tea Party and other groups as grassroots organizations that don't need or want Washington's approval."


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