Olney PD gets New Crime Fighting Weapon

One Texoma community is seeing an increase of drugs in their town.  Now more than ever the city is ready to put up a fight.

Olney just welcomed in the newest member to their police department.

The four-legged canine already has her badge and is wasting no time in making rounds around town.

Meet Missy the three and a half year old Chocolate Lab and the newest crime fighting weapon of Olney PD.

"She's done excellent, very excellent," said Charles Parker, her handler.  "In the short amount of time we've been together we've come together as a team very quickly."

Side by side they work together to put local drug dealers and users behind bars.

Narcotics is a big issue in this town, which narcotics leads to burglaries and thefts," said Parker.

Now they have someone who can combat the issue, who can detect all types of drugs, meth, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy.  You name it.

"She worked for a previous department for two years and she knocked down a lot of dope for that department and hopefully she'll be able to do the same for us," said Parker.

So to test her drug detecting abilities they put a bag of marijuana inside the gas tank and let her sniff away.  She easily found it.

"Her ears perk up and there's other multiple indicators when she finds narcotics," said Parker.

They continue to put her to the test every week, training in buildings, cars, and schools.  But these officers know soon the drugs Missy finds won't be part of a test and will help make their community safer.

Officer Parker tells me they were able to get Missy from K9 America a company of out Bridgeport for $1,000.  They usually cost around $3,500 but they got a good deal since the company is going out of business.

Since officer Parker is her handler Missy lives with and works with him 24/7.