Defining The Standard Of First Aid

It's a product used in major events like the Olympics and Super Bowl along with most professional sports leagues.

Not to mention, it's a must-have for most American Red Cross branches and even the Government.

It's called PICKPAK and the company that makes it is headquartered right here in Wichita Falls.

As Newschannel 6's Lindsey Rogers found out, it's defining the standard of first aid.

PICK stands for "precautionary infection control kits."

PICK International has been around for about 15 years, but, it's product, the PICKPAK has only been in major production since 2004.

"PICKPAK gives you a method to respond, do it right and be protected," president Rodney Horn said.

Horn is also the president of Wichita Medical Supply, a respiratory therapist by trade and used to own a pharmacy.

Working in the medical field over the years, Horn saw a need to take the safety procedures practiced in hospitals and apply them in off-site emergency situations.

Whether an accident happens during an athletic game or at an industrial site, in any situation when sterile first aid supplies may not be available, Horn wanted everyone to be protected.

"Even if it's not readily available they're still going to render aid and potentially be exposed so we made a system that everything's easily accessible all together pre-engineered so they always are protected and can treat someone and dispose," he said.

The PICKPAK is more than just a first aid kit, it's a sterile procedure pack.

"You open a first aid kit and supplies are everywhere. It's a mess. Intricately a person will work from the injury to the box to retrieve the next item you need and they're carrying pathogens and they're going to use that on the next person," Horn said.

There are PICKPAKS for wounds, burns even insect stings.

On the cover of each, instructions of how to use everything inside for specific treatment.

Even if you can't take the time to read it thoroughly, PICKPAK has made it simple even for those of us with no medical training.

"When you open it up everything comes to you in the order you need to use it," Horn said.

The international company recently joined the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Wednesday morning, several members helped welcome the new addition with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Although the company has been around for several years, Horn said it's still a start-up company and has a long way to go.

But the one thing he knows, there will always be a need.

"The diseases aren't going away. They may change their form, but they're not going away," he said.

While most of the PICKPAKS are assembled outside of Chicago, some of the smaller orders are put together at the company's headquarters in Wichita Falls.

As the medical world advances, PICK International is constantly altering and developing it's products.

You can order PICKPAKS on their Web site, just click here.