Greener Days Ahead for Local Golf Course

It's hard to think about on a triple digit day, but there are still parts of Texoma dealing with the damage from the ice and snow storms we saw this winter.

The Wind Creek Golf Course at Sheppard Air Force Base is a perfect example.

It's cost them months of repairs on the grass, but now, it's almost in tip top shape.

General manager of Wind Creek Golf Course Paul Peters took me for a ride through their course and showed me the bumps, patches, and nitches that linger on the green.

"90 percent of this green looked like this when we started," Peters said as he showed me the damaged grass.

It makes it almost impossible to golf on, but through the past few months the maintenance crew has worked diligently to restore it to it's once pristine nature.

"The maintenance team has spent their budget for maintenance for the green, for fertilizer, and stuff.  They've already went through the whole summer allocations," said Peters.

After the winter season wore off Peters noticed that almost all of the holes received some kind of damage. The reason?  The type of grass they use.

"Bermuda is a very durable grass especially in the high heat you get this time of year," said Peters.

But when snow comes down it creates havoc.  The grass is uncommon for the area, Bent grass is what's popular around here, but he insists the Bermuda grass will stay.

"There's always the possibility to change the greens but that's very costly to do.  The other thing would be to buy covers but again that's costly," said Peters.

Still the little damage that remains doesn't keep the golfers away.

"The thing I noticed is that where they're putting the pins is kind of relative to where the bad
areas are so that it doesn't affect your golfing so much as it could," said Golfer Jason Roberts.

The course is almost 100 percent back in shape.  However, the golf course is offering some deals to draw people out to see for themselves.  For the rest of August it's $20 to play and get a cart.  Check out this link for more information.

The Wind Creek course is open for everyone including civilians.