Inside Texoma: Fall Fashion

It's the first of August and as you prepare for back to school, we're looking at how to keep you and your kids in style this fall.

We're looking at the latest trends in clothes and shoes, and we're not just talking about the kiddos. Ladies, we are also taking you to the places in Texoma where you can get these hot fall items.

It's an inside look at the trends blossoming this season, and we're keeping your budget in mind.
 The backpacks are lining the shelves at Annie Jewel and Charlies's Kids and the clothes, ripe for the picking. Sales Associate Miranda Hoff and owner Debbie Begoes are staying up-to-date on the latest trends to make sure your little one is cute in the classroom. New to the store--a junior line for your teens, with all sorts of new and familiar names!

"They're Miss Me, MM Couture, Splendid and LMOs, and Kitty Kat--cute line for parties, and we are going to start off with Carley. She is wearing an adorable new flannel Miss Me shirt tunic dress, carrying a lovely Juicy bag that's new for the fall," an associate with Annie Jewel said.

Along with a charcoal belt and the new zipperhead bands that Hoff said are sure to be a hit, and if the length of T-shirt dresses scare you away, Hoff said, "You could also add leggings to pull outfit all together, if you're a little conscious about the length of the dresses this fall. Leggings are going to be huge, as usual. What makes them even better--they are more bedazzled with zippers jewels all kinds of cute new things for the fall." The outfit, accessories included, will run you around $200.

Inside Texoma host Ashley Fitzwater asked, "So if you're looking to pull of this outfit on a tighter budget what would you recommend maybe going without but keeping in to keep new trends?"

Hoff said, "You could always go to a smaller bag. It doesn't have to be Juicy. We have other lines throughout the store. You cold do a clutch."

Another junior look--"The new hit thing in Miss Me is the 'boyfriend-fit' capri jeans. You can roll them up or down and they become jeans or capris. Paired with the Splendid tank underneath and then on top a cute Roxy grey shrug that buttons in the front, and then paired with teardrop neacklace. Again, this fall there is bling but it's a simple bling. You don't want too much of it.," Hoff said.  The jeans which can also be worn as capris are about $94 and include lots of detail for an added touch. From juniors to size 7-16 Girls is Brenn.

"And Brenn has a few different lines on that we carry. First the jeans--they are a new line, Desagal. It's a great line from Spain. It's very cute, fashionable, and European and the top underneath is Ellamoss. The fabric is super soft. Kids love it, I love it now in the women's. It's an amazing line and is colorful and bright and the next piece is a hoody sweater jacket. We try to have all of the lines meet up together and complement eachother...following Juicy backpack or purse, it can go either way and put folder or books in it, and it's really cute. It's velour and juicy is big on their velour. They have tracksuits, and a lot of our purses are like that--they are really cute," Hoff said.

Cost is in the $200 range, but Miranda said part of the expense is the extra detail and durability, so the stylish clothes can be passed down to younger siblings.

"Adaline has on the matching outfit to her sister Brenn's. It's the same Desagual brand. This is a very peasant-y blouse, and it pairs up great with skirt, and it can open or button to make a pencil skirt. Bright colors we see here with silver butterflies," Hoff said. "You can see in this binder the navy and pink is very popular as well if you put those together."

Rainbow bracelets made out of yarn are sure to be another big hit with the young girls this fall.

"They are really cute. You can pair those up, give one to a friend. They have matching ones, and even if you have a special charm, you can have it put into the bracelet. It's really cute!!" Hoff said. The grand total--$150 for all three pieces, and to cut the cost in half, Hoff said pick out your favorite piece. You could buy just the top and pair it with skinny jeans and ballerina flats. From a flirty fall skirt to fun shorts--Bermuda shorts, in fact.

Hoff said, "Bermudas in Texas can go from March all the way to November, so they are big. I always say, 'You can't have enough jeans--including shorts and bermudas and capris!' Jeans are a staple for fall, winter, summer, and spring. You can pair it with anything, dress it up or down. Here we dressed it down, and it looks nice! Whenever we think of fall, you can't help but think of the holidays, so you have something to show off. Yes, they are starting to trickle in--we are getting excited. This is a dress made in France. It's very durable and chic and we have matched it up with a 20 tear-drop neacklace, and it's highlighted with this gold belt and pockets. Pockets again are going to be huge. I have pockets in my dress. We have dresses out here that have pockets, and this dress is great for an holiday party you have coming up."

Guaranteed to keep your little princess or diva in style this fall, from sweet to cool the boys are also ready to rule the school this fall.

"David has on some really cool khaki shorts and skater shirt from Monster Republic. It's a new boy line. It's very contemporary and cool, boys love it all around the U.S. and topped off a cool button-up shirt that brings out Mr. David's eyes," Hoff said.

AF: "And is that important, layers?"

"Yes, layers, layers, layers--it's all about the layers. A lot of kids don't like it cause it's hot, but come fall, it's going to be big and they don't have to match mixing colors that complement each other is very important for the fall," Hoff said. "You can actually make this come down, and it's a nice dress shirt for church. And then Mr. Nicolas has on a pair of Col Quicksilver jeans and very Halloween-looking Lacose shirt on top, famous Desagal line that came from Spain and that jacket is actually reversible," Hoff said. "You can do a solid shirt with the fun hip checkers on outside or reverse and do a fun hip shirt from Quicksilver or Monster Republic and flip to wear--it's black." And both  looks will cost you just under $100 and to dress it up a bit, Hoff said you can pull out the corduroys that are sure to make a big statement this fall.

"Sporting our Quicksilver line, he has on some gray cords, they also come in chocolate brown. Cords for boys are going to be huge! We also have it in the also have in the bigger boys' grey cord short and chocolate as well," Hoff said, describing the boys' line and the boys' clothing model. "He has in a cool purple and black striped rugby T-shirt and this is wrapped up with a heather knit black sweater. Can you pull that off for us and show us, and this is great--under Lacoss we have those in for men and women, here are a few colors we have, so this would make a great fall family picture." And Hoff said it's those  purples, greys, and navys that are going to be huge this year. This outfit will cost you just under $80 and, most importantly, mix it up--this outfit can easily go from one to three.

"You can put a cool lil T-shirt with the cords, or jeans with ruby shirt or a collar shirt under sweater and your are good to go," Hoff said.

"We are now moving up to 8 to 20 in boys'. We go up to 20 so almost hit junior high and also men's Lacos," Hoff said. "Coming out now in our Quicksilver outfit--he has on Quicksilver flat khaki shorts and bulls-eye swirlie shirt. Don't look at it too much--you wil go cross-eyed. And then paired up with an army-colored green jacket," which is what makes this outfit a new trendsetter this fall. "The jacket is one of a kind. It's very cool. He has it pulled up; you can unbutton it, and it becomes a long-sleeved jacket, and it's lined, so that gives it that extra soft feel. But it's lightweight enough, we can wear it here in Texas, and it's okay." Total cost: $120, but Hoff said to save, wear your own khakis or jeans or even switch out the shirt with your favorite school T.

This family-owned business also caters to the babies, and here's a small taste of a few hot items--they include Lulie and Me for a traditional look or, Hoff said, "Tony Tearnie, which is a great little baby brand. Their dresses are very vintage and unique."

Even the gift wrapping is given special attention by persoanlized chalk designs, but making this store truly unique are the names and brands, with a large focus on European lines.

"It just brings a lot of diversity to Texoma and to our store and a lot of these lines are exclusive. They only bring them into certain boutiques, and we're very happy and thankful to get to be one that has these special lines from different countries in our store," Hoff said. "This is a good way to get away from regular store brands and things like that just so your child can feel a little special. Kids always--we make the kids feel special, and it's just a great experience, and I just love seeing the smile on their face when they have something somebody else doesn't."

And the name of this Wichita Falls children's boutique is a special one with rich  family history and chosen by owner Debbie Begoes.
Annie Jewel and Charlie are the first names of her grandparents she never got to meet, but she says naming her store after them is a daily way of  bringing a little piece of them into her life.

AF: Ladies, we know it's just as important for us to look fashionable this fall, so it's time to continue our inside look at a small but fashionable Iowa Park boutique.

Sit back and enjoy the latest look at some new hot pieces you might want to add to your wardrobe this fall.

AF: "We are here at Sincerely Yours, talking fall fashion with the ladies. So, Cheyenne, what can we expect this fall?"

Cheyenne: "This fall, we'll see some new and different looks and take and put an old spin in it. Let's have Mindy come out, and she is showing us our first look--classic black. Cute Seater top with studs and chain. And that's being influenced by the Twilight series. Going on, Lady Gaga--they are bringing in the studded, tougher sexy look, but we are still going to go with that classic look, really bringing out the vixen in the ladies this fall season. Studded gladiator's heels and heavy studding on black purse and the oversized earring make some drama that you can have up there," and at the cash register, Cheyenne said, your box office outfit might cost you around, "Her heels run about $28, purse in $40's, bangles $14 & $9, ring $10--so really, $100 or over, you can create this look without a problem."

AF: "And if you wanted to create on a lower budget,"

Cheyenne said, "Just take your black dress and add some big statement pieces like bracelets and rings, so you can be in a cost-effective budget while creating the look."

"Now see what Caitlin has on for the fall. She is wearing a cute, slouchy, maroon tunic paired with black leather tights something tougher to add. Lots of hardwear on boots and clutch. The shoulders are something else that are coming back. Shoulder pads--heavy volume on the shoulders, so that's something else we can look at for the fall. Bangles are $18, clutch is $35 great for a night out or dinner, leggings are $18 and tunic is $39. So this is less than $75--get an outfit and pair it up and head out for the night," Cheyenne said.

AF: "You mentioned shoulder pads, like the 80's, always coming back huh?"

Cheyenne said, "You're really going to see a clash of the centeries in the fall--80s and 50s paired and crammed together, so it could get pretty intresting. Next up--Brittany, and she is wearing this great coat, lots of the big embroided buttons and bold colors. Mixed fabrics and textures are just going to be out there this fall making a big debut; we have added in the purples and stuff. Usually see red and orange and this adds purple. Also animal prints are going to be outragous this season she has on this really cute snake skin pointed shoes paired with the jacket another statement piece. Even those this jacket has a lot of business in it, you can put a shoe like this just kindof keep it tamed in between with the black leggings or pants. Animal like leapord, skin snake. Im talking leggings, tops, jeans, shoes. Even in jewelry. She has on a fab spider ring. Here you are going to see insects, reptiles, all going to be in it. Spiders, serpents, nature, animal thing. Also really good conversational pieces if you are sitting there with a blinging spider on your finger. The sharp-toed shoes. Not that round or square are bad, but the sharper the better for fall, in boots and pumps. Don't think you have to shy away from others in the closet but if you want to add a new shoe to add character the sharp toe is the way to go." Cost: about $225 with about $100 of that for the jacket. A little more than an average outfit, but Cheyenne said this look has numerous staple pieces, like the shoes, bag, and jacket, that can always be swapped out for another favorite in your closet.

"Next up--Allison, who is showing us some different looks we haven't seen yet. Really bright, bold, orange dress paired with purple scarf. You are going to be seeing lots of bold colors so everyone be brave bold is ok! you don't have to stick with nuetral. Definatly they are as always, but lets get out there and be brave and show off some of these colors," Cheyenne said. "Boots have always been a big thing. These are the velvet that ties up the front with the wedge heel in them. She got on a really cute heavy bracelet with orange rhinestone, she has the square bag with studs, the square bag you are going to see, too. And then these button earrings that go with handsticking on top, almost seamstress look. But it really makes a pop. A really hot trend, vintage jewelry, and we have a local artist that we have in store. Vanessa Decker. She takes a piece from the past like these buttons, and takes and makes into a neat statement piece. She uses old things and transforms them. Old items and vintage turned into something hot and new and chic for this season," Cheyenne said.  "Next up, we have McKensie, and she is wearing this really cute dress that has this really emphazied neckline on it with the heavy beading on it. And she has on the nuetral tones mixed in with bold, the riding boots are big with hardware and wooden heel and here is a little bit of here toughness with the spikes and gold bracelet and ring. Her bag is a big piece the square structured bags with the top handle. And lots of metallics so gold and silvers, you want to pair with nude colors to gove glitz and glam. On her dress--it's $64, put a shawl and boots $43 ring, $14 bracelet, and bag is 24 and now you have an item that is really going to be hot for this season. And you see we have her hair pulled back--you don't need a neacklace with this or a lot of earrings. You have got business up there and you really want to make that pronounced and show it off. So get that haor out of the way and go for it."

Cheyenne continued, "Next up--Miami. And she has more of a formal look than we have seen so far. She has one of the off-the-shoulder dresses, and hers is the modern--clashes with the vintage look. We have this tight-fitting cotton spandex dress and then pretty roses and flowers made out of lace and fabrics, we have her hair pulled back so we can accent what's going on her shoulder. Miami is one of our younger models and so this a look we can pull off but some of you ladies out there that are in shape and want something edgy or to a holiday party a dress like this would really get the job done. She has these cute spiked heels on in the black and then rhinestones and metal bangels and the pearls so again the egdegeness. And you can always class it up a little bit. And she has got on this ring, it's something you will see all over it's double nucje on two fingers, and accents on t. We have this flower, and so double knuckle making big statement too. Dree 36 and bangles is 24 earrings 8 ring 20 and shoes are 28. And there is no need to restrain on accersiorise go over sized get extra and stack them up and go for it!"

Another hot  fall look--sweater tunics. "A little bit nostalgia--you think about yarn, but this the way they brought the yarn in, and I love it. We have pops of the color again. We were talking about pinks and purples. And then she has a great purple purse with flower again. Lots of flowers, the purple tights. The leggings are going to be a big staple. I know they were around, but they have not fadded. We are seeing more prints and colors," Cheyenne said, and headbands are here to stay. "You're going to see small and pettie with beading and then you are going to see big and bright too so. Her cost: $15 purse, dress is $51 and boots are $48, headband $12 and earrings are $10." Several hot items in everyone's price range.

"And again, here we have Mindy. And she is sporting fur over this outfit, and we see the studs on the tunic underneath and we see the fur wrap. And this bag with, again, snakeskin prints and headbands--here is a bigger one and a big chunky necklace. And you notice not all of her stuff is matchy matchy. It's in the same tones but really no green, and it's pulled out in bag and jewelry--add others that would complement but aren't actually in your outfit," Cheyenne said.

The Iowa Park shop, co-owned by Cheyenne Neal, is also a florist that has grown into a unique boutique that Texoma has come to love and recognize as place that's truly one of a kind.

"On the jewelry, shoes, and clothes, we buy limited pieces. Once we order--once we might get one or two pieces, and on the clothes, there might only be six, and once they are gone, they are gone. Now let me assure you, we will get in something equally as cute, but it will be different. You don't want to show up somewhere and have on the same thing as someone else. You want that piece to be unique to you and just a few other people in Texoma, but there are enough of us your chances of finding the five others is quite slim."

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