Taxicab Company Ordered to Stop Service

For nearly three decades All American Cab Company shuttled thousands of Texoma residents, now that's coming to a stop.

Today the company received a letter from the City of Wichita Falls stating they must cease all taxicab operations or face a penalty.

According to city records their franchise permit expired on May 16, meaning since that time they've been operating illegally.

The letter came as a surprise to company heads and to local drivers who are now out of work.   The company is scrambling to get everything together, yet even once everything is processed it may be more than a month before they can get back to their jobs.

A motto they once lived by.

"We're going to be there to pick you up and take you where you need to go."
Is no longer a part of their vocabulary.
"What does our dispatcher say to them? At this point in time we can't pick you up," said Alexander Ramirez Vice President of All American Cab Company.

The letter, clear in it's words says to cease and desist all illegal operations for failure to renew their license.  Now 30 drivers are out of work and out of money.

"I found out this morning and I don't know what I'm going to do," said Robert James who has been with the company for 13 years.

"We all have families we get paid by the daily basis, we have bills," said Kenneth Lambert.

"Stuff I have to pay, bills I have to pay and I don't know any way I'm going to do that," said Jeff Miller who has been with All American for about two years.

"I got a family, I got a daughter and two children I'm helping her raise," said Tom Terry.

All American Cab Company says they used to renew the franchise every 10 years.   Now it must be renewed every five, so the letter from the city's attorney's office came as an unwelcome surprise.

"He's just doing his job.  I can understand that, but to just right out kick us out, disbar us, and
 not let us operate.  Because of this you're actually making people go on welfare," said Ramirez.

"The city's goal it that everyone is treated fairly and that the laws are applied to all our citizens.  Our goal is to make sure that happens," said Kinley Hegglund, the assistant city attorney.

The city says they sent out a courtesy letter two weeks ago warning them about the expiration and tell news channel six it's not their responsibility to make companies are aware of it.  All American disagrees.

"We're disputing it because me and my father were never aware," said Ramirez.

Now cab wheels are parked and lights no longer flash an indication they're no longer a working company.

All American Cab is working to get their renewal.  They must now wait for the next Wichita Falls city council meeting.  There councilors will look over the application and make a decision on it.

All American also has a license to operate a limousine service, which is still in operation  because that renewal doesn't expire for a few more years.