Burk Gears up for Development

Residents in Burkburnett could be seeing some major changes in the near future. City Commissioners voted Friday to entertain proposals for $1.6 million in revenue bond work.

Three major projects are included in the plans. The city's north water tank will have to be repainted. It now has chipping, lead-based pain that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said will have to be removed. The city also hopes to replace over 20 old, inefficient water pumps with two new ones. And, the sewer line project along I-44 is back on the table.

Commissioners and other city officials said the move will be a money saver for Burk and will, hopefully, bring in more business. "If we can keep the tax base down and improve the city infrastructure...and maybe attract business," said Commissioner Raymond Holland, "I think we're doing great."

It's the keeping the tax base down that is a major selling point to commissioners. because revenue bonds can't be paid from the general fund, taxpayers shouldn't see a tax increase because of this work. And Commissioner Holland and Commissioner Josh Andrajack said the money to cover the debt is already in place.

The one dissenting vote came from Commissioner Ted Kwas. He said he supports the water tank and well work, but doesn't see investing $500,000 on the sewer line, in the hopes of bringing in new business, as a good move in a weak economy.

Final approval on these projects would still need to be approved by the Board of Commissioners.