Facebook Scams Targeting Texomans

Scammers are out to get you, this time through Facebook.

Not only are they trying to steal your personal information, they're hoping to use you to gain victims.

"The underlying thing is another day another Facebook scam. These things are popping up everywhere," North Central Texas BBB President Monica Horton said.

They can be disguised as some of the biggest brands out there, or try to scare you about products we consume every day.

"The consumers trust these popular brands and they want to know about them. They identify with them and that's the whole reason why con artists use the brands and these scenarios," Horton said.

Some of the biggest scams out there right now involve McDonalds Coca Cola and Subway.

One of the scams is listed as Free Subway Week.

It says you'll get a free Subway gift card by clicking the "like" button on the Facebook page.

The link for the fake site is www.footlongspromotion.com.

"All of these scams are in an effort to steal your personal information, steal your password, but they're very elaborate and the links you're clicking on identify themselves with the company," Horton said.

Not only are these con artists trying to steal your information, they're hoping you'll unknowingly pass it on to all your friends.

Usually the instructions say you can only view the video you're trying to watch if you send the link to a number of other people.

So you end up potentially setting your friends up for the scam as well.

"The intent of these scams is for you to end up spreading it for them and them to steal your information. So, you are prompted to share things all the time on Facebook. Make sure you know what you're getting into and," Horton said.

If you have clicked on one of these links the Better Business Bureau recommends changing your password immediately.

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Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6