Gay Marriage Hot Topic in Wichita Falls

One of the most heated and controversial topics in the country took center stage today in Wichita Falls.

CBS' Sunday morning show "Face The Nation" made its way to First Baptist Church for a debate on same sex marriage.

Perkins is a former Louisiana Republican House of Representative Member and is the President of the Family Research Council.

Tony Perkins was guest speaker at the church Sunday morning and he is also a strong advocate for Prop 8, a proposition in California that seeks to recognize marriage only between a man and a woman.

Before he preached he went head to head on "Face The Nation" with David Boies a lawyer who just days ago helped overturn California's ban on gay marriage.

Even though this is happening in California the results of Prop 8 could impact us all.

In church Tony Perkins spoke a message of change.

"America will be changed when God's people become serious about his call to change," preached Perkins.

On TV he spoke a message of criticism against US District Court Judge Vaughn Walker who overturned the Prop 8 ruling.

"This is an activist decision by district level court who is interjecting his view
over the view of not only millions of Americans who have voted on this issue, but
literally the history of the human race," stated Perkins.

Proposition 8 became a hot topic across the nation after California voters voted to add a  provision to the state's constitution stating that marriage should only be between a man and a women.

Later a suit was filed and just last week that decision was overturned when two lawyers of California called the ruling unconstitutional and Judge Walker agreed.

"We put fear and prejudice on trial and fear and prejudice lost," said Lawyer David Boies who is an opponent of Prop 8.

It's a trial that will impact many other states.

"There's one federal judge that by his decision is not only over-turning those 7
million voters but if it stands the voters of 30 other states who have passed marriage
amendments including the people of Texas," said Perkins.

The trial for and against Prop 8 will head to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and if the
court upholds Judge Walkers decision then the case will likely head to the Supreme Court where Justices can make a decision on behalf all of the states.

That could mean the state of Texas' amendment on marriage between a man and woman could change.

According to Perkins Judge Walker is openly homosexual and he received that information from the San Francisco Chronicle.  He believes that is a major reason why Prop 8 was over turned.

"Face The Nation" is a Sunday morning political show hosted by Bob Schieffer.  It's one of the longest running news programs and premiered back in 1954.