Robbery Forces Consignment Closing

Police are on the hunt for a man who stormed into the upscale resale and injured two employees in a bold and violent crime that has the community shaken.

"I just can't imagine anything like this happening," says longtime Upscale Resale shopper Blanca Rowe.

Customers of Upscale Resale, a popular Consignment shop on Call Field, were saddened to learn the doors to the store are temporarily closed.

"I thought I was coming to shop here and I found this notice on the door," says Rowe "and I just don't know why."

Police say just after 4:00pm Monday, a man came into the store asking about a bracelet on display for his wife. When the employee went behind the counter, the man followed her, started choking her, and demanded cash from the register. Once he saw the register was open, the suspect threw the woman to the ground, injuring her hip. She then screamed for help from another employee who was in the back of the store. Then, the startled robber grabbed the woman off the floor and punched her and another employee.

According to Barbara James, these types of crimes don't happen in Texoma.

"I saw things like that in the city, but I'm not ready for nothing like this to happen in Wichita Falls," said James.

Police are on the hunt for the suspect who is described as an African American man in his thirties between 5'11 and 6'1,  weighing between 170 to 190lbs. The man could possibly be driving a blue sedan.

Tera Green made the trip to the closed store for the first time and although she didn't get a chance to see what Upscale Resale had to offer, she voiced her concerns about the crime.

Green told us, "I hope they catch the guy though, 'cause I don't want him out on the streets. It's scary."

While police are on the lookout, customers are hoping that the store and it's employees are ok.

"This will not stop me from coming back," says Rowe, "So yes come back! And I hope they open soon."