Summer is Almost Over but the Activities Don't End There

Summer is almost over and for the city of Wichita Falls it was a busy one filled with activities for both Texomans and tourists.  And that isn't ending thanks to a new city initiative.

We'll be seeing numerous shows and acts in the coming months, this in large part thanks to the city's new Pride in the Falls campaign.  This was the campaigns first summer and a successful one at that.

"We've had a very busy summer we've been designing television commercials and we'll also have some adds that will be visible for people that come into Wichita Falls for Hotter N' Hell which should be funny and entertaining," said Carla Bolin with the Pride in the Falls campaign.

In it's first summer the Pride in the Falls campaign was busy planning advertising for upcoming events like the Hotter N' Hell 100 and preparing for future tourism growth.

"You'll be driving through Dallas and see a billboard or listening to an ad about Wichita Falls on a Dallas radio station," said Bolin.

They're not the only ones getting ready for the fall as the saying goes at the MPEC "when summer ends the acts go up."

"We do the bulk of our entertainment in basically a school year frame from September to May," said Bob Sullivan the executive director of MPEC.

From Curious George to Sesame Street to the Globe Trotters, those are a few of the past shows we've seen that are coming back.  One new event the city is adding is a hog rally it's sure to make Labor Day Weekend a noisy one.

"There are going to be like 3,000 motorcycles from all over state coming into Wichita Falls for a three day conference," stated Sullivan.

The complex has over 500 events per year and they're not slowing down no matter what time of year it is.

"We all live and die by ticket sales so I encourage people to go out and support the arts."

The city says many inquiries have been coming in recently from tourists about what activities there are for them to enjoy.

To meet those requests the city has been training waitstaff at local restaurants to inform tourists about all the things Wichita Falls has to offer.

The announcement that Wichita Falls would hold the 2010 Hog Motorcycle Rally came about a year ago.  Within hours the Howard Johnson Inn was booked.