Burkburnett Bettering Business

The pressures of an unstable economy can hurt many Texoma towns. But the City of Burkburnett is looking on the bright side of business.

The City of Burkburnett has a special board whose sole purpose is to use incentives to attract new business into the region and, at the same time, keep companies that currently call Burk home happy. It may seem like a hard undertaking, but Board President Chad Lobaugh says, it's all part of the job.

Lobaugh explains the Burkburnett Development Corporation consists of "trying to entice new businesses coming into town and help the ones that are currently here."

Ones like Whaley Products. On Monday, the Burkburnett Development Corporation approved a package to help the refrigerated product manufacturer expand and create jobs.

"We've helped them in several ways as far as job creation," says Lobaugh, "and a USDA grant that we are going to help them try to get, which would help expand their business."

For the BDC, it's all about business. Burk's development board agreed to give $2,500 to the company for every new job added over the next five years. The board doesn't just help established companies, but new ones, like Bella's Italian Restaurant, as well. According to Lobaugh, new places like the restaurant and the upcoming Red River Market will bring more people into Burk and the rest of Texoma.

"These people are coming into our town, staying in our hotels." Lobaugh continues, "Wichita Falls will even reap the benefits as well because of our lack of hotel space."

Through tax revenue, the BDC can offer monetary incentives as well as assistance in applying for grants or loans. And to get these benefits, all you have to do is ask.

Says Lobaugh,"If you've got a business that you are looking at or wanting to expand or wanting to come into town. Get a hold of us and we'll do anything we can do and are able to do to help them out."