Bill White Answers Questions on Border Control

As the President tackles border security, it's also a hot topic right here in Texoma.

News Channel Six sat down for a one on one interview with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White.

We asked a tough question, how would the state handle securing the border with Mexico?  It's a topic that has White and his Republican counterpart, current Governor Rick Perry at odds.

In the eight years Rick Perry has served as Texas Governor gubernatorial candidate Bill White says he hasn't done enough to secure our borders.

"Rick Perry talked about it but he hadn't gotten results," said White.

"I hope we don't have to have American citizens slaughtered by these criminals before
the federal government understands it's their responsibility," said Governor Rick Perry.

According to White, tackling the problem isn't only the concern of the federal government, but states too.

"We need more local police officers, more deputies, sheriffs, more infrastructures, and technology to allow us to protect us against the traffickers," said White.

He wants to add more boots on the ground, and add technology he implemented as mayor of Houston.

"Fingerprint those people who are arrested and check them against national data bases," said White.

A few months ago President Barack Obama ordered 1,200 National Guard members to the US- Mexico border in an attempt to seal it.

Texas will receive about 300 of those troops to help cover the more 1,200 miles of border the state shares with Mexico.  Perry called the president out, saying it is insufficient.  White believes they need to be replaced with local law enforcement.

"Members of the National Guard, God Bless 'em I'd rather have some resources than less but they can't make arrests and we need people who can arrest people," stated White.

There's no question they both see immigration and border control as a crisis, one that they believe they have the answer too.

During our interview with White we also asked about the state of the economy.  White says adding more occupational and technical education and enhancing infrastructure would bring more companies to Texoma and to Texas.