WF Cab Company Wants To Be Back On Road

On Tuesday the Wichita Falls City Council will be holding a public hearing to get what will replace the former All American Taxicab Company. The new owner of the company will petition for 15 vehicle permits for the Wichita Star Taxi.

Newschannel Six was there last month All American was issued a "cease and desist" order from the city attorney's office. The franchise agreement for All American had expired in May. Drivers were all of a sudden out of work and company owner was unable to renew the agreement without the City Council's approval.

The council will meet first time since that order on Tuesday. Newschannel Six will be there to see if councilor's agree to put the new cabs on the road. Councilors meet at 8:30am Tuesday in the City Council Chambers at Memorial Auditorium.