Off Road Race Ends In Tragedy, Truck Rolls, Kills Eight

Tragedy struck an off-road race in California's Mojave Desert this weekend. A race driver lost control of his truck, rolling into spectators. Eight people were killed in the accident.

Family members of one victim have built a makeshift memorial on the spot the truck rolled.

The track had no guardrails or anything to keep the crowd back.

Witnesses say as one racer took a jump at high speed, he hit his brakes on landing, rolling his truck sideways into the crowd.

Officials say there are rules for the spectators but that doesn't necessarily mean they follow them.

Joaquin Zubieta with the California Highway Patrol said that could have been the problem.

"We do have witness statements saying that they were supposed to be 150 feet off of the track, but as you can tell there are no delineations to where the track begins and where the track ends at this point." said Zubieta.

Witnesses say there were tens of thousands of people spread out along the 50-mile track but the site of the crash is one of the most popular areas to gather known as the "rockpile."