Electricity Efficiency: Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Bill

The hot August heat may make you want to crank up your A/C. But, cooling your home can make your savings overheat.

The summertime heat may not be the only thing that can make you sweat,your electric bill may make your blood boil! The average monthly statement in the Texoma summer is $153. So to make sure you keep a hand on your cold cash, here's how to save up to $60 in just one month. And all it takes is a little math!

According to Alliance Power Company President Tom Stephens, you should "keep your thermostat at 78 degrees. Keep the blinds and curtains closed."

We've all heard these simple and common tips to save you some money. Did you know how much money you would save? Consider cooling your home; making sure that the A/C is set to 78 degrees can save 10%. For the average bill, that's about $15 a month. Drawing the curtains and switching to a fluorescent light bulb can shave a combined 11% off the bill. You can take another $17 off.

Think that's all? Think again. Mr. Stephens says, "all those appliances with remote controls are burning up energy."

It's called Phantom Power and it may be sucking your savings. Appliances that are plugged in still use electricity even when they are off. Simply unplugging your TV, computer, and audio equipment can save the average person close to $30.

So if you think that shutting the blinds, or unplugging the microwave doesn't save you enough, remember this pearl of wisdom from the President of Alliance Power Company,"it's pennies, but it adds up."

For those of you doing the math, the simple daily tricks can save up to $62 in just one month, and that's nothing to sweat over.

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