Appeals Court Halts Same Sex Marriage Before Trial

Just when same sex couples in California thought marriage was about to be an option again, a Federal Court put on the brakes.

A Federal Appeals Court said that marriages can't continue until they look at the broader Constitutional issues.

Judge Vaughn Walker overturned the voter-approved ban earlier this month.

And just last week, he issued a ruling that would've allowed Gay and Lesbian couples to tie the knot beginning tomorrow.

But now the matter is in the hands of the appeals court. Couples across the Golden State who hoped to tie the not are frustrated, but those that don't want them to are happy.

"Even though it's not the final word yet. We still have appeals to go through but for the time being the vote of the people has been upheld." Said Andy Pugno, council for activist web site

The Appeals Court has promised to expedite the case with opening arguments set for December.

Many believe the issue will eventually be decided in the Supreme Court.