All American Taxicab Company Is Now The Wichita Star

More taxicabs are on the streets right now but under some new provisions.
The Wichita Falls City Council approved letting Claudio Ramirez Junior begin business under the name 'Wichita Star.'

All American Taxicab Company was owned by Ramirez's father.

All American was forced to shut down earlier this month because its permit had expired.

Councilors approved letting 'Wichita Star' begin operations today because there is such a need for cabs, but the permit is provisional.  It is only valud for six months instead of the typical five years.

Councilors and city staff want to look over the city's cab ordinance during the next six months in case any changes need to be made and will take the opportunity to monitor Ramirez's running of the company. Many concerns were voiced at today's meeting by councilors and the public alike. Concerns ranged from multiple companies running under the same franchise, personnel not available at a central business location and vehicle safety.

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