Shootout Between Police And One Gunman

A shootout between police and a lone gunman in a Texas town left one person dead.

Police said the shooter fired more than 100 rounds and are unsure if he was killed in the shooting or took his own life.

The McKinney Police Chief said 29-year-old Patrick Gray Sharp parked his explosive filled truck and trailer in front of the station Tuesday morning.

He then set fire to it before going across the road to start shooting at the station.

Police believe he had been planning this for awhile.

"He had a plan he was actively his plan and he was heavily armed, looked like he knew just what he wanted to do," Kowalski said.

Kowalski said Sharp's trailer was filled with wood chips, ammonium nitrate, road flares and gasoline.

Officials said that the building was designed to protect against an event like this. 2,006 concrete bollards, recessed windows protected by bricks and masonry.

But 23 windows were still hit.